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The main reason most men want to be part of Project Yes Man is that they see, experience and feel discomfort in their personal relationships and specifically their love life.

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Personal life

Relationships are everything when it comes to having a fulfilling life. Part of Project Yes Man is to live the life of your dreams. Your personal life is one of the main ingredients of this lifestyle.

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Professional life

Around 40 hours per week, in a 40 years sequence, we work and do things to fund our lifestyle. It better be something that enforces your strengths, talents, experience and...

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A healthy balance between income and expenses rewards you with a stress free life. Funding the lifestyle you dream about requires a rock solid plan and...

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Your physical condition is in direct relation to your energy and thus ability to perform at peak state. Cooking, sports, fitness, eating habits and all kind of related things are part of this...

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