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A true Yes Man lives the life of his dreams. His hobbies, profession and complete life is based on his terms. Of course he provides a helping hand to others and he is willing to support others. Not because the expectations of society but because he feels it is a good thing to contribute.

Although the term lifestyle can have a unique meaning for each individual, freedom is a common element in almost everyone’s definition. Project Yes Man wants members to feel free and enjoy the positive aspects of life. The question to answer is what makes you happy as a person and in life. Not only in the future but also today. What do you currently have, do or experience that makes you grateful?

Don’t get this wrong, Project Yes Man is not a “new age” or floaty idea. It is all about you and your dreams. If we don’t know how you want your life to be, it is difficult to get there. Each journey starts with some small steps, your first steps have everything to do with self study. Who are you and who do you want to be? Change doesn’t happen when you just start running. You need to know where to go to get satisfactory results.