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Project Yes Man works with different memberships. It is not unusual that members change their membership status over time.

  • Lite
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Diamond Star

Lite membership: FREE

The lite membership is meant to get acquainted with Project Yes Man. The blog, a free newsletter and valuable introductions are shared periodically.

Silver Membership

Based on your core needs the Silver Membership offers a niche related newsletter which is send monthly. Once a month a webinar will guide Silver Members through their journey.

Gold Membership

The Gold Membership provides all newsletters from the Silver Membership combined. All 8 key parts of life are discussed. The Gold Membership provides an online training to work in the comfort of your home and integrate the Yes Man principles into your life. Each week a new lesson, including homework is provided. Once a month homework is discussed and reviewed in a two hour long one-on-one coaching call.

Diamond Star

Diamond Star is the ultimate membership package. Everything from all the other packages is included. Additionally, Diamond Star Members get one “one-on-one” and thus very personal and tailor made coaching session per week. Once per year a maximum of 8 Diamond Star Members are invited for a holiday retreat at a tropical destination where the Project will create “The Holiday of A Lifetime”. During this holiday retreat the focus will be at full excitement. Participants will be part in doing things they only experience in their wildest dreams.

The Diamond Star Membership has one side note… Due to the radical impact, participating can be┬áby invitation only.