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Mission & Vision

The world is a better place for everyone involved when its residents are happy. Influencing a large group or the total population is hard. On the other hand, drastic change for one person is extremely rewarding. Tailor made and one-on-one guidance has potential when it comes to everlasting personal change. And that is what Project Yes Man is about. But don’t worry, the number of participants is limited.

The project mission is to make the world a better place by guiding a specific group of men to living the life of their dreams. By working on all the 5 key parts of life (Personal life, Professional life, Health, Wealth and Relationships), overall success is within reach.

Project Yes Man is not just a fun course. It is not invented to have a good time only. It is set up and structured in a way to help you grow while having fun during the process. Rome wasn’t build in a day. Reinventing yourself is similar. It takes time but we can assure you that the rewards will be incredible when you follow through.

The project is not about becoming someone else, it is about becoming more of yourself. Finding out who you are and eventually to follow your dreams.

Masculinity in today’s society is almost gone. It has nothing to do with violence as some people might think. On the contrary, masculinity has everything to do with clarity about desires, wants and needs. It also has everything to do with taking action and following upon one’s values.

At the end of the day being male is something to be proud of. Project Yes Man is therefore set up to help you see, feel, understand and of course show this pride.