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The Project

Too many people are dissatisfied with their lives. When we thoroughly think about it, this is a disaster. Everybody wants to live the life of his dreams. But only few actually do. This is a very interesting fact. One that needs profound research since we all deserve to have a meaningful and worthwhile life.

Project Yes Man is the result of years of study on male behavior. The findings are categorized into 5 key parts of today’s life; Personal life, Professional life, Health, Wealth and Relationships. The goal of the project is to help men around the world to regain control over their true needs again. The result is that masculine characteristics, that seems to be forgotten, return. Before you might think “So what, I don’t care about Alpha Males”, we must not forget that masculinity has magnetic power of attraction.

Project Yes Man guides men to find their path. Although this might sound a bit esoteric and woolly the idea is to take control and focus on doing the things you like and that give you energy. Strange enough, this focus will help you to attract new friends, jobs, business relationships, clients and even the love of your life.

Why do people wait to change? Procrastination and not knowing what to do are the main reasons people live in mediocrity. This is so not good since life can be so much more rewarding. Less stress and more things that truly matter that is what we want.

The Project is open for men who truly want change. Participants must be willing to take control of their inner communication, find their strengths and follow their natural and inborn talents. The reason is simple, that is where the secret of a compelling, rewarding and fulfilling life comes to fruition.

The Project is a way of thinking. It all starts with the belief in abundance. There is enough for everyone. This website is the project’s communication channel with the world. You can read the blog for free, register for the paid monthly newsletter or get one on one personal coaching for a year. All three individual items will be explained in detail under the services section of this website. You are the only one who can decide if this is for you too. Therefore it is best to get familiar with the presented style by regularly read and study the blog. Updates are available each week.